"Fusion now offers local website design and support services to the Covington area. For over 20 years it has been our mission to empower our clients to use their websites and technology as a mechanism for growth. We take pride in providing highly available, friendly support and doing so at an affordable price."

Our Services

Website Design

Mobile friendly, forward-thinking, scalable products.

Website Hosting

Hosting by designers that are only a phone call or an email away.


A 20 year study of search engine ranking and evolution.

Dedicated Servers

Backup servers to file servers and everything in between.

1 The Fusion team has provided web design and hosting to South Louisiana for years but we now have designers in the Covington area. This allows for the accessible consultation and personalized service we enjoy most.

2 A properly designed website should do more than project your brand. It should do more than just list your products and services. A successful website design should not only captivate your audience but act as a tool for growth.

3 Today's websites are expected to be mobile-responsive and deliver your message intuitively, quickly and securely. Fusion can take care of these things so that you can focus on what you do best. Running your business.


Many years ago we lived in an age ruled by outbound marketing. Marketers would reach out to thousands of consumers through TV, Radio and Print - all with the hope that a handful of people would have an interest in their product at that point in time and that point in space. Today we live in an exciting time. We live in a digital world where our website is a digital extension of our business. Inbound marketing now reigns superior and our goal is now simple in concept but difficult in practice. Be there when people are looking for us. That's it.


Being found when looked for is a great goal but in order to be successful at it you need a lot of information and a lot of experience using that information. Where are your customers searching for products like yours? How are they searching and what keywords are they using? Is your competition operating in the same space? Are they easier to work with? Fusion Website Design can help you plot a course through all of this and our goal is to make the trip as painless as possible.

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