"Remote backup servers and business continuity systems are replacing local file storage and backups as insurance against the losses associated with network failure. Fusion understands the importance of business continuity. Just as our clients have high expectations of our reliability and accessibility, so do theirs."


In the event of a fire, theft, flood or other disaster, the repair of a network and re-importing of traditional backups can take days or weeks, and in this age of instant gratification not many of your clients will remain by your side throughout that crisis – if you can’t provide them with the products or services they need when they need them, they will find someone that can.


Fusion can replicate your critical systems on dedicated servers and place them in a secure, out-of-state facility where they can work parallel to your existing network or act as an immediate failover in the event of a crisis.


For over 20 years Fusion has designed our own networks and server environments with business continuity in mind. Over a decade ago Hurricane Katrina tested our resilience and challenged the way we all think about our data. It forced our understanding of how dependent we are on it and reminded us just how fragile it can be. Our remote systems and concepts performed so well that we survived with no loss of data and a new product offering - purpose built, high availability backup systems.