"Lets face it, buyer behavior has taken a dramatic turn in recent years. Improvements in search engine algorithms and access to a wealth of informational and educational resources allows today’s consumer the power to make well informed, educated decisions in a matter of minutes. The bottom line is your target audience makes purchases when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell to them. They may drive past your billboard on the way to work or see your ad in the local paper every day but if they have a need for your product at 11 PM and they are online, you had better be easy to find."

The Important Questions

Do your visitors land on a page with direct access to the product or service they were searching for?

Have you researched whether or not your product is priced competitively?

Does your purchase process require more or less steps than that of your competition?

Are your visitors drawn through an intuitive progression of calls to action and obvious ‘next steps’ or do they leave without resolution?

The Answer

Conversion optimization is the art of improving the likelihood that a consumer will perform a desired action like requesting more information or purchasing a particular product and it is something we’ve spent the larger part of 20 years researching.

Even the most successful search engine optimization campaign can’t help you if you have failed to engage your audience. There is always the next guy in the search results and he is hoping you drop the ball.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the logical pursuit of being found when needed and not only outperforms traditional outbound marketing but the cost-per-lead savings can be as high as 60% according to Search Engine Journal. Being found when needed can be the result of any good search engine optimization campaign (SEO) but the work doesn’t stop there. There are less obvious and far more important components … like whether or not your site has been found by the right person and for the right reasons.  Conversion optimization is a process that addresses this and we excel at it.